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We are truly FIGHTING NERDS, and we wish to share our knowledge, skill, and passion for Martial Arts with every student that walks through our doors. We promise not only will you learn the BJJ and Martial Arts skills, but you will have a blast doing it!


Chad’s Story 



This is Chad. He started jiu jitsu at 17. Thanks to the encouragement of his best friend and the inspiration to do MMA from a high school teacher, he gave it a go.



From day 1, he was hooked. Jiu jitsu addressed his fear of violence and empowered him to defend himself if the situation ever arose.



“I ate, slept and breathed jiu jitsu.” Chad was training 6 days a week, 3-4 classes a day, sparring 15-20 rounds a day for years. The goal? “To be better than yesterday.” And that dedication came at a cost—time with friends and family. But it also exposed him to teaching early on. In exchange to train for free, he taught other white belts, testing his skills and knowledge. “Teaching means you truly have to understand it to explain it to someone else. It’s an empowering feeling when others look to you for answers.”



On February 1st, 2017, at 26, Chad received his black belt from Alex Chung.



Shortly after, he became an instructor at another gym, but then COVID hit and was let go. It was then that a buddy convinced him to open up his own gym. Hesitant at first, Chad went for it.  “Missing an opportunity out of fear hurts more than trying and failing.” In his heart, having his own school was bound to happen. It’d give him the creative freedom to run his own program and build a new generation of fighters under his name. Covid 2020 put him on course. Thus, Paxibellum was born. “Had it not been for the pandemic, Paxibellum wouldn’t exist.”



Chad’s love for military history, especially Roman history inspired the name. Based on a Latin phrase, “In order to have peace, one must prepare for war.” “Pax” means peace and “bellum” means war. “I think that’s what martial arts is. And our most basic form is hand to hand combat.”



His #1 goal as a coach? The safety of the team. To train while reducing the risk of injury. “My #1 rule when I teach a submission is to immediately teach the escape. There’s no offense without defense.”



Never would he have imagined that that trial class back in 2006 would alter the trajectory of his future. Forever. The lessons he learned on the mat translated to his daily life: discipline, patience, humility. “It’s not just physical, but mental. No wonder they call it, ‘human chess.’ The more I trained, the more I saw the bigger picture. It’s more than a martial art – it’s a lifestyle. And I’ll be doing this until the day I die.


I am a Mataas Na Guro in Pekiti Tirsia Kali under Tuhon Leo Gaje/Tom Bisio. I hold an instructor rank in Wing Chun Kung Fu awarded to me by Sifu Lee Moy Shan. I trained extensively in San Miguel Eskrima under Grandmaster Momoy Canete, his senior student Master Edring Casio, and Tom Bisio. I have a 1st-degree black belt in Kajukenbo-Emperado Method. Been exposed to the Defensor Method, and Tapado.

I am continuing my Pekiti Tirsia practice with Tuhon Bill McGrath of PTI , and Tuhon Jared Wihongi of PTTA .

Come Join This Amazing Team At Paxibellum And Fall In Love With BJJ And Martial Arts Like We Have! Your First Class Is Always Free.

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